A few time landmarks

— 1973
Born in Antananarivo, Madagascar
Lived in Antsirabe, went to school in Ambohibo

— 1980
Lived in Mauritius

— 1981
Settled in Sucy en Brie, France

— 1983
Started to live in Guadeloupe, in the West Indies

— 1989
Established in Yoff, Senegal

— 1990
Graduated from high school and got his driving licence in Dakar, Senegal

— 1991
Back to France, to study at the university in Créteil, France

— 1996
First analog single-lens camera

— 1997
Military service in the French Air Force, at Air Force Headquarters in Paris, France

— 1998
Published his first article and picture, an interview of American writer Norman Spinrad about cloning, in Coda Magazine

— 2000
First professional, analog, photo story, with Mr Maxence Layet, about Burning Man's temporary autonomous zone, in Nevada's Black Rock desert, USA

— 2000
Gets his press card (n° 88512)

— 2001
Shot the Tough Guy Challenge, at Mr Mouse Farm for Unfortunates, in Perton, England

— 2003
First digital single-lens camera

— 2005
Travaled to Berlin, Germany, with Grandmaster Jean-Luc Chabanon, to cover the World Heavyweight Chess Boxing Championship

— 2007
Starting point for a series of photo stories on people who explore technology. First meeting with worldwide hackers at the International Hacker Open Air Gathering (aka Chaos Communication Camp), in Finowfurt, Germany

— 2007
Shot the Christian festival of Freakstock, held in Gotha, Germany

— 2009
Took pictures of American people, and people from all over the world, attending the inauguration of Senator Barack Obama, in Washington DC, USA

— 2009
French publishing house Editions Gallimard published Sébastien Porte and Cyril Cavalié's book: The New Art of Protesting — Happenings, Festive Campaigns and Direct Actions. An investigation into new forms of protest action in France, in the 2000s

— 2011
Created the new Sorbonne University magazine, for which he worked as an artistic director, a picture editor and a photographer

— 2013
Curated the photo exhibition "The last Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal", by Guillaume Lacourt, winner of the Paris Match Photojournalism Grand Prize

— 2018
Launch of www.cyrilcavalie.com

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