Participation as a photographer

The Ecology in 600 Dates
Le Passager Clandestin / S!lence, 2012
An inventory of events, readings, films, songs and campaigns, which have played a role in the construction of an ecological culture and a collective imagination.

Disobey: The Small Manual
Writer: Xavier Renou
Le Passager Clandestin, 2012

100 street art artists
Writers: Paul Ardenne, Maria Maertens, Thimothée Chaillou
La Martinière, 2011

Small Civil Disobedience Manual for Those who Really Want to Change the World
Writer: Xavier Renou
Syllepse, 2009

The Secret Energy of the Universe
Writer: Maxence Layet
Guy Trédaniel Editeur, 2006
A journalistic investigation reviews the most recent scientific discoveries and invites us to meet an unsuspected, thrilling world, at the mercy of the gateways linking science to Chinese traditions.

As an author and photojournalist

The New Art of Protesting — Happenings, Festive Campaigns and Direct Actions

Co-author, writer: Sébastien Porte
Gallimard / Editions Alternatives, 2009
An investigation into new forms of protest action in France, in the 2000s.

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